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The blueberry is the least popular of the berry family due to its slightly more florally and sour taste but still proves to be popular within the world of desserts. The blueberry is small yet nutritious and is often enjoyed by many health enthusiasts as a nice snack. You can find blueberry in muffins and cakes, pies and drinks, the rather unique berry flavour a blueberry provides makes it a wonderful alternative to some of the more popular berries out there. It has many other uses beyond food, with its colour widely used in dyes for clothes due to the wonderful shade it provides.

A blueberry flavoured E-juice can prove to be something rather different to other variants due to its florally yet sweet taste. With a little touch of tart, blueberry is a strong alternative lead flavour or can add plenty when mixed with another fruit. Blueberry flavoured E-liquids can be found within the dessert category as well as in the fruit section. Whether it be a cake, doughnut or crumble, the blueberry flavour can add something rather different to a recipe. Using a blueberry flavoured concentrate, you can add a freshness to any mix you want to make and experimenting with other fruits is always a pleasurable experience. Due to its mild sweetness, blueberry flavoured E-liquids are perfectly fine on coils in any amount, so feel free to lead with this one if you desire.


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