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Bubblegum is one of the most popular sweet flavours and it isn’t difficult to see why, it has been popular since 1928. Bubblegum started as its own product and branched out into many other avenues from drinks to ice cream, sweets to even beauty products and shower gel. The versitility for the strong sweet flavour is boundless with many different applications being used. Whether you enjoy to chew it, eat it, wear it or drink it, most people enjoy bubblegum for both its taste and scent like a fond childhood memory.

Bubblegum flavoured E-juices are both basic and extremely popular with vapers of all styles. Coming into both high PG E-liquids for MTL vapers or high VG for the sub ohm vapers, bubblegum still shows as to why it is so popular in the world of vaping. A bubblegum flavoured E-liquid can bring so much with it from menthol to fruits such as grape blending really well. As bubblegum is so sweet and distinct, it can really turn into something special once combined with other flavours. Using a bubblegum flavoured concentrate, you can add an overly sweet addition or combine it into something else entirely. You can make a strong sweet flavour or mix it with your fruits to give a very sweet exhale taste. Its versatility is only held back by its very sweet flavour which channels it into the sweet based E-liquid areas.

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