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Butterscotch is another one of those great traditional British flavours that has been around for a long time. It can be such a complex flavour yet enjoyed both as a sweet and in other uses such as sauces or within desserts. You can pick them up in a packet to enjoy or use the intricate little notes of flavour to enhance something else entirely which is where butterscotch really comes into its own. A sweet made from butter, sugar and cream, it is heated up much like toffee but to a soft crack stage to differentiate it. It can be found in many places and its distinct flavour is popular with people of all ages around the world now.

Butterscotch flavoured E-juices are known less for their flavour and more for the sweet and unique notes it can add to a recipe. A butterscotch flavoured E-liquid can use it as a leading flavour and enhance it underneath or be used to bring a dessert to life in ways that you wouldn’t even imagine. The sweet creamy flavour works really well in most dessert profiles but it can also be added to creams, custards, even drinks if you let your imagination run wild. Butterscotch flavoured concentrates can be too sweet and overbearing by itself so it is advisable to use counter balanced with other flavours or at least toned down. Butterscotch in moderate amounts will work fine on any vaping set up with higher wattages making the different flavours pop on every exhale.


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