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Caramel is one of the world’s most popular sweet treats and it isn’t hard to see why. The sweet gooey concoction goes with almost anything from chocolate to ice cream to even a cheesecake. Caramel despite its wide use remains a popular treat to many today, there is even a chocolate bar named after it. Made from heating sugar, butter and creams together, Caramel has a universal usage in the sweet department for at least 200 years.

When it comes to caramel flavoured E-juices, expect to get a concoction of different flavours with a very sweet taste to them. Caramel is ideal in dessert flavours for both its sweet tones and versatility in many different recipes. Caramel flavoured concentrates are perfect for adding a smooth sweet texture to your recipes or for enhancing already existing dessert flavours. It has many uses from doughnuts to cakes, ice creams to even custard. It is one of the more popular ingredients due to how much it can do with only a small amount, as a sweetener or a key component to a breathtaking flavour. Caramel flavoured E-liquids can be difficult on coils in large amounts due to the overwhelming sweetness that they can have. So it is always best to use caramel in moderation, or use a dripper if you want to push the caramel to the extreme.

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