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Cherry is both sweet and seductive, light and dark. The simple cherry is enjoyed in many different ways from food to dessert, ice cream to even drinks. A both sweet and bitter fruit grew from a tree, Cherry is a wonderfully bold and tasty fruit that provides a rather unique flavour when compared to other fruit out there. Whether it is used a liqueur or in a jam, as a topping or a flavour, cherry is bound to divide people but there is no doubting its popularity. Cherries are packed full of vitamins, anti oxidants and more offering a juicy little treat whenever you want your fill of healthy stuff.

Cherry flavoured E-juice can be both strong and complex or simple and weak. The cherry flavour is versatile and at different amounts, can really make a complex flavour stand out. It can be used in anything from fruit, drink to even desserts and many flavours out there will use cherry for its incricate notes of sweetness and tang. Cherry flavoured concentrates can be extremely good value for money as a little amount will go a long way. If you want to add a hint against berries, or add a finishing touch to your creamy dessert, cherry can be both a leading man or a side character enhancing the talent. Cherry flavoured E-liquids are fine in any set up and their strong flavour can really shine through at any wattage.


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