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Chocolate is undoubtedly the most popular sweet treat anywhere in the world with millions enjoying some every day. The simple cao cao bean treat has multiple forms from milk to dark, white to ruby. There are many different varieties of chocolate using caramel, biscuit, fruit and even alcohol to enhance its flavour further. Chocolate can be creamy and sweet or rich and dark with many different notes in-between made by experts. Chocolate, made by sugar and cocoa cocoa beans/butter has a simple recipe but has almost unlimited potential. Whether you enjoy chocolate in its purest form or like to use it more creatively, everyone has a taste for chocolate.

Chocolate flavoured E-juices are often bold and sweet with chocolate used as an undertone rather than leading flavour. Due to its intricate flavours, chocolate can be very rich and therefore it is found more enhancing ice creams or milkshake recipes. A chocolate flavoured E-liquid will be packed full of flavour whether it has a smooth creamy texture or combined with notes of milk and mint. It can be versatile in small amounts but overpowering by itself. Chocolate flavoured concentrates are best used in small amounts to sit underneath a stronger flavour, use it as an enhancer rather than a flavour. Due to it’s richness, chocolate flavoured E-liquid is pretty heavy on coils when used in large amounts making it ideal for drippers over coiled tanks.


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