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Cider is a traditional alcoholic beverage that has connotations of summertime, fields of hay and country folk. Dating back to early BC, Cider has been a popular beverage for thousands of years and its influence stretches from the simple apple tree right across Europe over time. In mordern times, Cider has taken on a whole new area of its own using other fruits from berries to pears to bring that tangy yet sweet drink to many more. Enjoyed cold, cider is a very popular alternative to the simple apple juice that most people have sampled at some point in their life.

Cider flavoured E-juices are strong and sweet, tangy and fizzy. There are many out there that have perfected the cider experience in a vape bottle and as such, well worth picking one up to try out. A cider flavoured concentrate is a perfect one shot flavour by itself or perhaps you infuse it with other fruits to give it that real fruit medley. Cider is limited to its potential but as a cold fruity vape, it can be ideal when the sun is beaming. Cider flavoured E-liquid can be great on coils with higher wattage really popping fruits and the MTL vapers getting a nice solid flavour with the adding twang of cider style sour. If you want to try one flavour out of your normal range then cider may well be ideal for you.


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