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Cinnamon, the spice that has a multitude of uses is a very popular additive in many different areas that we consume. Whether it be in food, drink, scents or even teas, the range that cinnamon brings is unlimited. Used for hundreds of years for its medicinal properties, modern society adapted its strong and distinct flavour to really refine their cereals or beverages. Originating from the bark of many trees, cinnamon is unique in flavour, strong and very diversive so it is a spice that is used with caution.

Cinnamon flavoured E-juices are very distinct in flavour due to the very unique properties that cinnamon has. These flavours will use it as an undertone to compliment fruits and desserts rather than lead with it as a flavour. Its small amount required makes cinnamon flavoured concentrates extremely good value for money due to little volume needed and it can be as prominent or as passive as you like in your recipe. Cinnamon flavoured E-liquids will be a complex mix of different flavours with notes of cinnamon popping through the already sophisticated recipe. Due to its strong distinct flavour, cinnamon is best enjoyed in small amounts as using too much will sit heavy on your coils and perhaps even leave an aftertaste in your tank.


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