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Citrus is a flavour found in many fruits yet claims to be a flavour all on its own. Made popular in fruits such as lemon and oranges, the citrus fruit is renowned for its bitter tangy taste with added sweetness depending on its source. The citrus is native to Asia and has since become popular all over the world. Some of the most recognisable fruit are from the citrus family and their distinct flavours are ideal for a range of different beverages, desserts and as cooking ingredients. Citrus fruits are acidic and carry a fresh aroma which is why many cleaning products will contain a zest of citrus.

Citrus flavoured E-juices can vary from a complex mix of different fruits to a bold tangy citrus flavour and anything in between. It can be used as a bold strong leading flavour or as a delicate side note to freshen up a dull dessert mix. Citrus flavoured E-liquids have a vast amount of range and can be found in far more profiles than any other, even if you don’t know that they are there. They are versatile in any amount and can really spruce up a cheesecake or pie recipe with its sharp bitter tone or give a fruity inhale to flow into the savoury base. Citrus flavoured concentrates are very strong and need to be used in small amounts to really get the best out of them. They are known for cracking plastic tanks in high amounts so it is well worth keeping that in mind.

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