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Coconut is certainly the taste of the tropical climate and has been a favourite around the world for some time. The fruit from warmer climates comes with a very unique flavour, a delicious milk inside and a shell that most of us used as a kid in the Christmas play. Coconut has a multitude of uses from drinks to cooking, some of the most famous meals we have today uses coconut for its taste or texture. Whether it is a curry or a chocolate, a drink or a cleaner, coconut brings both flavour and aroma like most fruit dare to dream about. It defies categorisation due to it blending between a fruit, seed and even a cut due to its unique characteristics.

Coconut flavoured E-juices are found in many different forms, from the subtle to the strong. Coconut is a very tropical flavour so expect to taste notes in any fruity mix dreaming of a warm and bright climate. Coconut flavoured E-liquids can compliment a whole host of other flavours from chocolate and mint to desserts and custards if you dare to experiment. A coconut flavoured concentrate allows you to get creative and really use that flavour to great effect in your inventions. As coconut is quite mild a flavour then you won’t find any issue in your tanks and the sweet yet rather different aftertaste makes it an ideal flavour for both MTL and sub ohm vapers alike.


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