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Coffee is part of a breakfast routine for millions around the world and for some, is what they need to muster up the strength to get on with the day. The simple cup of coffee is packed full of flavour and richness, nothing else tastes quite like it. Coffee is made from the coffee bean being crushed into a powder and then mixed with water and/or milk to create a drink that is packed full of caffeine, enough to really give you an energy boost. Coffee isn’t regionalised neither, coffee beans can come from all over the world where there is a warm climate, with many beans proud of their heritage from Columbia to Ethiopia.

Coffee flavoured E-juice is strong and distinct with plenty of rich and bitter notes in there to discover. It can be dark and overbearing or light and sweet, mixed with milk and cream or combined with nutty tastes to give each vape a different experience. Coffee flavoured E-liquids can be simple or complex, full of secrets to taste or simply like a classic cup of black. The deeper you go, the better you will find them. Coffee flavoured concentrates are great no matter the use, whether you want to vape them as a single flavour or you want to get creative. They are great in most set ups but it is worth noting that a complex flavour will only shine through in sub ohm vaping.



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