Cranberry are small little berry fruits that are some of the most awesome super fruits in the world. Native to North America, the small cranberry packs a massive punch being low in calories and extremely high in anti properties such as anti cancer, anti oxidants and anti inflammatories. The cranberry is a small red berry that is hard, sour and bitter so it certainly tips the lower end of the fruity scale. Cranberries are used in a variety of different uses from juices to desserts and even dried as part of a snack. They really are a super fruit that are well worth adding to your daily diet.

Cranberry flavoured E-juices will be a fruity mix of different notes and textures due to the conflicting bitter taste of the flavour. It blends really well with other berry fruits so many cranberry flavoured E-liquids will offer both a sweet and bitter effect in their recipes. Whether cranberry is used as a lead flavour or as part of a bigger mix, its unique taste can really compliment your recipes. Cranberry flavoured concentrates are ideal in small amounts for adding a unique undertone to your E-liquid and as a leading flavour, it can work really well when mixed with sweeter fruits to negate the bitter tone. Cranberry flavoured E-liquids work really well in most vaping set ups, just be careful not to overload the flavour unless you want a very bitter E-liquid.

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