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Cream is another Dairy by-product that has since become one of the most popular dessert ingredients out there today. It is made by removing the higher fat level of milk before homogenisation and whisked into a thick or thin substance. There are plenty of different variants of cream out there from whipped to squirty, double to even clotted with each one tasting completely different. It has been a very popular accompaniment with desserts for hundreds of years, pies pastries and cheesecakes utilise cream in many different ways. You can use cream to replace milk in your coffee, bake it into cakes or freeze it as part of ice cream, plus its natural taste is lovely.

Cream flavoured E-juices are lovely and light when made at their most basic and loaded with different flavours at their most complex. Cream can be such a versatile flavour to use that most desserts will use cream to give them a lovely smooth effect to their vape. Cream flavoured E-liquids can blend together with almost anything and even ice creams will use more than one of them to give you a lovely sweet vape. Cream flavoured concentrates are a really useful flavour to have, by themselves they can be quite tasteless but when combined with anything from fruits to savoury flavours, you can create a real masterpiece. Cream flavoured E-liquids are great in any vaping set up but most of the more complex flavours will really shine through at higher wattages.


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