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Custard has been widely popular for hundreds of years used in varying different forms over time. Starting as a savoury addition to tarts and pies, it wasn’t until the 1800s and the invention of the custard we know today before it became the dessert style treat we know and love today. Made with cornflower sugar and milk/cream, the custard can even be made with egg yolks or turned savoury for use in food such as quiche. Best known for accompanying warm desserts such as pies and crumble, custard has been a treat for many a person over the past 150 or so years. It can be made with a variety of other flavours such as cinnamon or vanilla to give it a different taste so no two custards are alike.

Custard flavoured E-juices are arguably the most popular flavours out there besides simple fruit flavours due to the choice out there. Custard flavoured E-liquid come in so many different styles with so many different flavours that custard has become a whole entity of its own within the vaping market. There are simple flavours or complex ones, rich and light, fruity or sweet, all offering something completely different. Custard style E-liquids are mainly used as dessert flavours so even combining them with other base flavours such as crumble, pie or cream can really create something special. Custard flavoured concentrates can even be enjoyed by themselves without the addition of other flavours, such is the versatility of this flavour. It requires a very long steep time compared to others but the experimentation of using custard is endless in your mixes.


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