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Doughnuts have become one of the most popular dessert snacks all around the world based on how unique they can be. Dating back to the early 1800s, this dessert made of fried dough is both tasty by itself and even better when combined with other flavours to give it the title of the ultimate sweet treat. Doughnuts can be simply glazed with sugar or icing as the traditional doughnut does, or filled with cream or even ice cream. It can be topped with a variety of different toppings that can give that fried dough a different flavour entirely and throughout the world they have their own takes on the simple doughnut as a dessert. Enjoyed hot and cold, in many different forms, despite really becoming popular in America. Doughnuts have taken over the world in modern times in a big way.

Doughnut flavoured E-juices are some of the most delicious flavours out there due to the mixture of sweet and creamy flavours that are mixed with them. The doughnut flavour combines beautifully with many custards and creams with chocolate, fruits and even candy style flavours giving each one a different profile. Doughnut flavoured E-liquids are a mixture of different flavours that all come together into one wonderful profile. Doughnut flavoured concentrates are a fantastic base flavour for any budding mixer with the sheer potential of the end result from combining flavours. You can get as creative as you like and the end result with that delicious doughnut base will still be great. Doughnut flavoured E-liquids are pretty good on any vaping set ups, unless overloaded with sweeter components.


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