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Eucalyptus is a medicinal plant found in Australia that has been famous for decades for its medicinal properties. You may know eucalyptus as the plant eaten by many animals down under or you may know it for its aroma. In fact eucalyptus is used in many different products from vapour rub to face washes. It can be used in food for a hint of flavour but mainly it is found in most things not designed to be consumed. The aroma alone is wonderful strong scent that is used for clearing airwaves and in medicines is can be pretty potent as as healing property.

Eucalyptus flavoured E-juices are rather different experiences due to the unique taste of the plant based flavour. It blends really well with fruits such as berries and citrus giving a usually plain experience a little bit of a kick. Eucalyptus flavoured E-liquids can be warm and menthol without any of the mint attributed to the experience. It can provide a cool undertone without being cold, a warm backing to a fruit, it is rather special indeed. Eucalyptus flavoured concentrates are best used in small quantities due to the strength of the flavour, it is better used to amplify a fruit than on its own merits. Eucalyptus flavoured E-liquids are wonderful on the coils due to the simple fruits it blends well with, just don’t try to be too creative and ruin a perfectly good dessert.


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