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Grapefruit is one of the most diversive fruits out there but it certainly has its fans. Part of the citrus family, it is juicy and extremely bitter, with either a yellow or pink colour. Long associated with both breakfast and juice, it is packed with plenty of good stuff if you can survive the bitterness. Larger than any other citrus fruit, this popular fruit was originated in Barbados as a cross between the orange and the pomelo and was once dubbed the forbidden fruit. It grows in clusters much like the grape part of its name but unlike grape, can grow much larger than your average citrus family.

Grapefruit flavoured E-juice is bitter and strong in taste, with the flavour providing a very tangy undertone to any flavour. It is quite a potent flavour so you will often find this in a citrus mix rather than as a stand alone flavour. As a stand alone flavour, grapefruit flavoured E-liquid is very bold and will stand out far more than a flavour such as lemon. Grapefruit flavoured concentrates are ideally used in small amounts and combined with other citrus family flavours to remove a lot of the bitter taste to them. Too much of grapefruit can be deadly in a plastic tank so although it will work well in most set ups, citrus is known to affect plastic tanks.


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