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Guava is a fruit that is less well known than others in its family but in recent times it has certainly picked up popularity. Part of the tropical fruit family, it originates from Latin America and has spread worldwide with India being one of the biggest growers of the fruit. It can be eaten raw or used to make sweets, juices or even sauces, guava does have quite a well spread range. Known for being sweet, it is likened to a cross between a strawberry and a pear, which makes it like no other fruit out there. It is packed with vitamin C so enjoying a guava is both fancy and good for you.

Guava flavoured E-juices are known for their sweetness and often mixed with plenty of other flavours. Guava can be both bold and passive, with the overall sweet flavour making a lovely change from traditional fruits. Guava flavoured E-liquids are often fruit medleys as opposed to stand alone flavours so expect to see guava in many tropical fruit recipes. Guava flavoured concentrates are great as an addition to your fruit recipes as the sweet and bold flavour is sure to spruce up any mix. It can be used as a sweet leading flavour with perhaps the addition of citrus such as lime to really give it a flavour pop. Guava is great in any vaping set up, just be careful that too much of the sweet flavour may not sit too well on your coils.

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