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Honey is rather a special food that provides both a unique flavour and texture that has been enjoyed for thousands of years. Made by bees in their hives, honey is a rather robust food that has over a thousand different uses from drink to food. A thick sweet substance, honey has penty of health benefits and carries a very unique aroma. Found in supermarkets and local farms everywhere, it is even said that eating honey local to your area helps with hay-fever. From being used as a medicine for thousands of years to as a healthier alternative to sugar for added sweetness, at some point everyone comes across honey. It can be used in baking or meals as a sweet ingredient, this wonderful substance formed by those friendly bees has had massive influence on the world for as long as we know.

Honey flavoured E-juices are both very sweet and very bold in flavour. Honey can make a wonderful stand alone flavour or can really enhance a sweet based recipe in both flavour and texture. Whether it is used as a sweetener in a profile or used to offset other flavours such as whisky, honey is a fantastic flavour to vape. Honey flavoured E-liquids can be both complex and simple in flavour, with Honey making a great enhancer to different recipes. Honey flavoured concentrates are ideal in small amounts either as a stand alone or as an enhancer, with even a tiny amount proving to be wonderful. Honey is great in any set up but like other sweet E-liquids, too much could potentially hit heavy on your coils.


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