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Ice Cream is world famous and everyone at some point has enjoyed a bowl or cone of the wonderful stuff. It is as simple or as complicated as you want to make it but that mixture of cream, sugar and milk is always going to be everyone’s favourite dessert. Used both by itself or with other desserts, the Ice cream has versatility and is a great treat. It can come in thousands of different flavours from the plain vanilla all the way to anything you can imagine. There are even ice cream parlours around the world that seek to create flavours you wouldn’t even think of to create ice cream masterpieces. Made for thousands of years, it is safe to say that ice cream will be around for a thousand years more.

Ice cream flavoured E-juices are as the real thing follows suit, endless. Ice cream flavours can range from a plain simple flavour to part of a far more complex recipe. It can be used as an enhancer or as a leading flavour, the possibilities with this one are endless. Ice cream flavoured E-liquids are creamy and sweet, fruity or even savoury and its use is in drinks to desserts. Whether you use it as part of a mix to add a creamy base or seek to create the most unique flavour out there, Ice cream concentrates are extremely useful to use. Adding it as part of a standard mix can give it a real enjoyable texture and can really make your sweet flavours come alive. Ice cream flavoured E-liquids are great in any set up, just be mindful of the longer steep times than normal.


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