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Lattes are the coffees of choice for anyone wanting something both filling and warm inside, without any of the harsh tones that a standard coffee would give you. Originating way back in the 17th century, a latte is all in its name, a coffee with milk. The name originates from Italian and fun fact, asking for a latte in In Italy will buy you a glass of milk (latte = milk). A latte has many names around the world but the simplistic idea is enjoyed by many. They aren’t all boring neither, from the simple latte you can get the mocha, you can get iced cold versions and even mixed with cream.

A latte flavoured E-juice is creamy and smooth, either sweet or bitter but always a different experience. Due to the simplistic method of what a latte is, there are plenty of different variations on the flavour including adding chocolate, toffee, honey comb and more to create a really sweet flavour. Alternatively you can just vape it straight up coffee flavour, with plenty of added creaminess to it. A latte flavoured concentrate is a wonderful base to start from for a perfect coffee vape so get creative with this one. A latte flavoured E-liquid will perform brilliantly in any vaping set up, with sub ohm vaping only taking advantage of the more complex flavours.



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