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Lemon is both one of the most used and yet hated fruits in the world, fantastic when used elsewhere but hated on its own.  Lemon is probably the most famous in the citrus family group of fruit with a very sour taste that it is famous for.   Lemon has a wide range of uses from dessert to cooking to beverages, with one of the most famous applications being lemonade.  Whether it is a dash of lemon juice in your meal, a nice addition to a cold drink or a lovely pie, lemon is widely used.  Originating from China, lemon is not only about flavour, as its aroma is used in a variety of places including cleaners, air fresheners and even as a battery or invisible ink.  Given the wide array of use, Lemon is probably one of the most famous fruits in the world, just don’t eat them raw.  


Lemon flavoured E-juice can be widely variable in flavour due to the recipe used.  Lemon by itself will be very bitter but many lemon flavoured E-liquids combine the citrus flavour with sweetener, dessert bases or even other fruit flavours.  Lemon can be both florally or sour with a little amount brilliant for a sharp citrus addition to a flavour.  Lemon flavoured concentrates are great mild flavours when you use them in a mix and offsetting the sour taste with a touch of sweetener can give you a wonderfully mellow fruit to vape.  Due to the high citrus style flavour, it is not recommended using lemon in a plastic tank due to shattering issues; however lemon will otherwise perform fantastic in any other set up.  


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