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Lemonade is arguably the most famous beverage in the whole world and its origin couldn’t be more interesting.  Lemonade originates way back in Egyptian times and over the hundreds of years that followed, it has been around in one form or another.  Made by simply mixing lemon juice with sugar and water, lemonade is more commonly found carbonated in bottle form these days.  It is both sweet and light, a great mixer or even frozen as an ice lolly.  It is difficult to dislike lemonade which is why the humble drink has become world famous over the decades.


Lemonade flavoured E-juices are lovely experiences, especially when they replicate the lemonade flavour wonderfully.  Lemonade can be sweet and light, feel fizzy or mixed with other fruits to offer a lovely blend on traditional flavour.  Lemonade flavoured E-liquids are fruity and sweet with some offering a nice cold effect to really make you feel like you are vaping the real thing.  They are standalone flavours in their own right as well as being part of a recipe and there are some really great lemonade flavours out there.  Lemonade flavoured concentrates are something you can easily make into a one shot flavour, with plenty of the flavour shining through at any power level.  Perhaps try mixing with other fruits such as apple, pear, orange and add a little cooling agent in there to create the ultimate summertime vape. 

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