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Lime is one of the more unique flavours in the world of fruit; nothing else comes close in terms of flavour.  The small green skinned fruit is packed full of vitamin c and has plenty of use within the world of food and drink.  Sweeter than the lemon, lime is a very popular cordial and addition to many pies through the key lime variant of the fruit.  Lime has a historical connection as well, British sailors ate them for scurvy , hence the nickname Limeys.  Lime is a popular addition to many Asian dishes and lime can even be found as a component in perfumes and cleaners.  Despite it not being as famous as the lemon, it certainly has plenty of use in the world and remains a wonderful fruit to use. 


Lime flavoured E-juices are great in flavour due to the bold strong flavour that lime brings.  It is used both as an ingredient in many citrus based fruits and as leading flavour for flavours such as Key lime pie.  Lime flavoured E-liquids take advantage of the sweeter elements of the juice to really compliment other light hearted fruits to give it a wonderful citrus kick in the background.  Dessert flavours can make use of Lime as well, with it blending well with creams, cake and even cheesecake flavours.  Lime flavoured concentrates are great to use in any fruit recipe and the strength  Lime is great in any set up and the strong lime flavour shines through at both low and high wattage vapes. 

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