Liquorice is arguably the most divisive flavour in the common world of taste, with just as many people hating as loving it.  Liquorice comes from the root of the Glycyrrhiza glabra plant and it is known for its sweet bitter, sour profiles.  Liquorice is used in many different uses from sweets to cooking and even alcohol due to its rather different taste to anything else out there.  Liquorice is also used for its medicinal properties and has been for hundreds of years.  The root can solve stomach problems, however too much can be bad for you due to the glycyrrhizin found in the root.  


Liquorice flavoured E-juices as you would expect are extremely strong with the Liquorice and the unique flavour is quite overpowering to many other flavours.  For this reason, many Liquorice flavoured E-liquids use it to enhance other parts of a recipe rather than as a standalone flavour.  It blends well with custards, drinks and can be found even in Heisenberg for a sweeter kick.  It can linger in your tank afterwards so bare this in mind when vaping liquorice flavoured E-liquid.  If you want to add some in your own mixes, liquorice flavoured concentrates are wonderful in small amounts, with the flavour being able to be vaped by itself as well if you enjoy it too much.  Liquorice flavoured E-liquids work well in any set up with the overbearing flavour standing out at any power range, so if you love this flavour there is no reason not to give it a try in your tank. 


Drip Hacks Concentrates

Black and Blue


Dark fruits blended with blueberry candy, liquorice and a touch of menthol Flavour E-Liquid Concentrate.