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Lychee is a rather different type of fruit that has become quite popular in recent times for its different flavour and texture of fruit.  Originating from Asia, the Lychee is a florally sweet fruit that is likened to a grape, watermelon or a pear.  Used mainly for its fruit tendencies, expect to see lychee used in drinks and fruit cocktails rather than any wider spread use.  It is packed full of both health benefits and fibres , it can be a great snack when eaten in moderation, too much can be dangerous. Over in California, the lychee is known as an alligator strawberry for its red yet hard skin.  They don’t grow very big and can be found on the Lychee tree, which is where the name comes from.


Lychee flavoured E-juices are sweet and florally, often used in fruity or tropical mixes.  The flavour can be vaped as a stand alone profile but the flavour isn’t as prominent as other flavours that are found in E-Liquid.   Lychee flavoured E-liquids are best used when complimenting other fruits, especially in the tropical range.  The lighter and fresher Lychee can really give a tropical mix a fresher taste, especially when used with some other fresh flavours.  Lychee flavoured concentrates are really good in any vaping set up, due to the lack of sweetness that the flavour doesn’t bring.  This means that you don’t have to worry too much about overdoing it as a single flavour.  When mixed, be wary that the florally flavour may overpower sweeter fruits and therefore really offset the balance of your recipe.


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