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Melon is a wonderful fruit that is enjoyed by many for decades.  Simple in design, it packs flavour with its giant size and melon makes a wonderful snack any time of the day.  Known for its watermelon alternative, the yellow melon has green pulpy flesh and is packed full of the good stuff.  It is sweet with a lovely light aroma and as it’s up to 90% water, the melon is refreshing as well as delicious.  There are many uses for melon with plenty of desserts and meals utilising it over other more favourable fruits.  Native to Asia, the melon has been exported around the world for decades now and the size puts it at the top of the largest fruit in the world.  

Melon flavoured E-juices are strong and light in flavour, sweet and they blend well with other flavours.  Based as a more tropical style fruit, melon flavoured E-liquids can be used by themselves or mixed with other light fruits to give a lovely light and yet refreshing vape.  Melon is known for being a standalone flavour in the watermelon form and more part of a mix in its normal yellow form.  It compliments flavours such as pineapple, mango or even apple as a sweet fresh flavour.  Melon flavoured concentrates are great as a standalone mix or as part of your fruity recipe and despite the sweet flavour; they work well in any vaping set up.  

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