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Meringue is a very popular dessert dish that has been adopted by health enthusiasts for decades.  The light crumbly sweet dessert is wonderful when combined with lemon and limes, or it can be used with cream and ice cream for a much lighter version of a heavy dessert such as pie and cake.  Made from sugar and eggs, meringue has an almost melt in your mouth effect which is why the dessert is so popular. It has been around for around 300 years originating in middle Europe and since spreading everywhere else.  Whether it is enjoyed as part of a larger dessert or eaten on its own like a biscuit, meringue is hard not to enjoy and when you start mixing it into pie esq creations, you really start to see how wonderful meringue is.  

Meringue flavoured E-juices are light and sweet and light with mixes of fruit to give them a wonderful combination.  Meringue flavoured E-liquids can be mixed with ice cream and standard cream flavours or used as simply a fruit and sweet flavour.  Meringue flavours can mix beautifully with lemon, lime or even strawberry, with creations interesting indeed when you start to get inventive.  Meringue flavoured concentrates are not stand alone flavours so will require mixing with other flavours.  This is due to the light flavour of the concentrate not really shining on its own.  However because of this, Meringue flavoured E-liquids are wonderful in any set up with higher wattages making the other flavours pop.  


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