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The humble milkshake, such a simple yet world famous invention that turned the basic milk into something truly magical. Invented back in the 1920’s in America, the milkshake took milk and blended it with ice cream, sugar and other flavours to create something that is enjoyed by millions every day. Whether it is made with ice cream, milk or cut with malt, it is fair to say that the milkshake is an incredible invention however you enjoy it. With so many flavours around the world to be enjoyed, from chocolate to lemon and lime, it is a symbol of 1950s America and part of all our childhoods.

Milkshake flavoured E-juices are packed full of flavour and offer a creamy thick style profile to replicate the real thing. They are packed full of ice cream and other cream flavours to give an excellent creamy body in which is a very enjoyable experience. Milkshake flavoured E-liquids tend to cover many different fruit and sweet flavours with the most popular being strawberry and banana. Many milkshake flavoured E-liquids will have hints of vanilla behind the flavour to really give it an authentic fresh milkshake taste. Milkshake flavoured concentrates are excellent one shots and do not require to be mixed further. They require a steep due to the creams but you will find them working wonderfully in any vaping set up. Higher wattages will take advantage of the more complex milkshake profiles.


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