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Mint is such a general flavour that is known to many, the refreshing and cool flavour that really has influence beyond a sweet. Mint is one of the most used sweet flavours in the world and it has a massive range of use from food to medicine to even cosmetics. It is one of the most well known flavours for its wide array of different applications and there can be so many different kinds of mint used. Mint originates as a leaf in the Lamiaceae flower family and its use has been medicinal for thousands of years in issues such as digestive problems. Mint comes in various forms inclusing spearmint, peppermint or enhanced into buttermint and similar flavours. Today you can find it in teas, toothpaste, chewing gum, dessert and even curries. It has such a wide range of use for a simple leaf, even its aroma is distinct. However you like mint, it is very much a part of most peoples lives.

Mint flavoured E-juices are cool and refreshing, light and with a lovely aroma. Mint makes a wonderful addition to many other flavours and it can compliment both sweet and savoury flavours. Mint flavoured E-liquids are usually light and can vary from a stand alone mint flavour such as menthol to hints against a fresh fruit salad for example to give a cool edge to the sweet tones. Mint as a stand alone can be light and refreshing as a flavour, with many different mints to choose from to fine tune your experience. Mint flavoured concentrates are wonderful little additions, with some experimenting you could turn a standard dessert into something extra special. All mint flavoured E-liquids are great on coils and you won’t have any issues at any power level.


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