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Mixed fruit is such a generic term yet its connotations normally relate to the fruit you all know and love.   Mixed fruit style flavours are found everywhere from desserts to drinks and can contain anything you can possibly think of.  Plenty of different fruits from apple to banana to peach are part and parcel of mixed fruits but it doesn’t have to stop there, you can have any fruit you can imagine, fruit salads, fruit juices even fruit cocktail desserts.  


Mixed fruit flavoured E-juices are wonderful blends that aim to bring each individual fruit flavours together to give you an unforgettable taste experience.  Whether it is based in the standard boring fruit such as apple and pear or completely turning the tropical flavour on its head with guava and pomegranate, there is endless possibility.  Mixed fruit flavoured E-liquids are great to take on face value, each one is different to the last and it is the most unique style of E-liquid due to the endless possibilities in the flavour.  Mixed fruit flavoured concentrates are wonderful as a standalone flavour and there are plenty of one shots in this category that all offer something different.  Mixed fruit flavoured E-liquids are fantastic in any set up as well unless over sweetened so they can be enjoyed by both sub ohm and MTL vapers alike


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