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Mojito has become one of the most popular cocktails in the world in recent decades, remaining a mainstay among many of the gimmicky style alternatives. The Mojito has a interesting history, Invented in Cuba during the 1800s it was once thought to have medicinal qualities. It was made with Cuban moonshine until introduced to Pirate Drake who swapped the alcohol for rum and the rest as they say is history. El Draque as it was known then is made from rum, lemon, mint, sugar cane lime and soda water in various different variants but it still remains one of the most popular cocktails in the world today, even Ernest Hemingway was a big fan.

Mojito flavoured E-juices are a medley of different flavours and tones making it not like much else. From the light mint and bitter lemon tones to the rum base, this flavour is a must for any mojito fans or those who want a cocktail of experiences. Mojito flavoured E-liquids are fantastic as one shot flavours and the ready-made recipe makes them ideal for a short steep and vape style of E-liquid. Mojito flavoured concentrates are largely similar however some may emphasise different notes of the flavours more than others. As with any medley of flavour, Mojitos benefit from higher wattages vapes but the profile will perform really well in any vaping set up.


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