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Orange is one of the most enjoyed flavours around the world and can be extremely refreshing when used in both culinary and beverages.  The orange is a world famous fruit , both for name and colour. The orange coloured fruit is grown around the world and contributes to jams, desserts, juices and more. It can be used in medicines and its high vitamin c content makes it one of the most healthy fruits to eat.  Even the peel is used in baking making this fruit one of the most versatile out there, every part can be used for something or other.  In its most famous form, orange juice is enjoyed by people everywhere around the globe and from the artificial to the natural orange flavour, it is well known above little else in the fruit kingdom. 


Orange flavoured E-juices are packed full of flavour and can be very distinct either as a stand alone or as part of a mix.  The strong orange flavour can really pop in an authentic orange juice flavour or can really enhance other citrus fruits in a mix.  Orange can blend together well with any other fruit and if you want to get creative, mix it with a dessert or a cream for a truly unique flavour.  Orange flavoured E-liquids are cool and sweet, refreshing and bold, it is as enjoyable as the real thing.  Orange flavoured concentrates are a great addition to almost anything fruit related and creatively it can be so much more.  Orange is great as a stand alone flavour when used in moderation, too much can dry out coils due to the sweetener.  As with other citrus based flavours, it can be hazardous in a plastic tank so keep that in mind when vaping it.  


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