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Passion Fruit is probably one of the strangest edible fruits in the world today, for both name and aesthetics. Passion fruit is a small oval shaped fruit with a purple tough skin that needs to be cut open to enjoy. Inside you get a very pulpy fruit full of seeds and a very distinct flavour. The fruit of the passion fruit is sweet but extremely tart, making the passion fruit a delicacy rather than a universally loved fruit. Originating in South America, the fruit is classed as an exotic fruit and therefore combined with the name, gives this fruit a very upmarket feel.

Passion Fruit flavoured E-juices are rather different compared to other tropical flavours due to the overwhelming sweet and tart undertones in the flavour. They are strong and especially when combined with other flavours, make a very distinctive flavour even in a complex profile. Passion Fruit flavoured E-liquids as stand-alone flavours will try and balance the sweet and sour flavours but it really comes into its own when mixed with other fruit, adding a sour fresh taste to otherwise plain textures. It blends well with other tropical fruit such as banana, pineapple or mango, when you are after a multitude of flavour and texture. Passion Fruit flavoured E-liquid performs really well in any vaping set up, just be mindful of the sour taste on the exhale.

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