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Peach is a very popular soft fresh fruit that combines both a sweet taste and an edible skin. Peaches are often yellow/pink in colour with a deep yellow fruit inside and in the centre a stone. Peaches have been very popular for hundreds of years, with their use found from beverages to desserts. The sweet and lack of bitter tang makes the peach extremely pleasant to eat which is why you find it in so many different places. What makes the peach stand out from others is that it holds cultural significance in many different places. Depending on if you are in China, Vietnam or Korea for example, the peach represents vitality, a sign of spring or the tree itself represents peace.

Peach flavoured E-juices are smooth and flavoursome, sweet and bold. They mix together wonderfully well with other fruits and create some wonderful blends. Peach flavoured E-liquids are often found in a medley of other sweet fruits, or providing a sweet undertone to balance perhaps tart flavours. As a stand alone flavour peach is very enjoyable and its smooth flavour makes it a wonderful exhale if mixed right. Peach flavoured concentrates compliment other fruits really well and if you want to get creative, mix it with a pastry or pie and cream for the ultimate dessert treat. Peach flavoured E-liquids are wonderful in any vaping set up and can be enjoyed by both sub ohm and MTL vapers.

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