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Pear is the often estranged relative of the apple yet it brings a rather special flavour and aroma to the table.  It has been around for thousands of years and its rather special natural fruity taste is a favourite in Britain.  Grown on trees, the pear is a green/brown coloured fruit that is fully edible and can be used in a multitude of ways.  From jam to dessert, it even has medicinal properties.  There isn’t much that a pear can’t do that an apple takes credit for, however for something a little different, it is well worth picking a bag up.  

Pear flavoured E-juices are sharp and sweet with a slight bitter undertone.  They are fresh and crisp like the fruit and can provide a lovely back up flavour to other simple fruit flavours.  Pear flavoured E-liquids are prominent within fruit mixes and as a stand alone flavour can be quite enjoyable, if a little lacking in sweet tones.  Pear flavoured concentrates are ideal to spruce up a regular fruit mix and the deeper tones can offset apple and citrus flavours really well. Pear flavoured E-liquids are great on any vaping set up and can be enjoyed both low and high wattage vaping styles. 

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