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Peppermint is arguably one of the most popular mint flavours out there, which can be found in a multitude of different uses. Peppermint itself is a plant much like its regular counterpart that is cultivated around the world. Not only is it used for its flavour, the peppermint plant is used for its aroma also, which is very distinguishable. It has been long used for medicinal properties, with peppermint being a great digestive natural medicine. Its use doesn’t stop there however with peppermint being found in toothpaste, teas, sweet form, oil and even in pesticides/rodent deterrents. Whether you enjoy a nice peppermint tea or simple use it to flavour a dessert, peppermints mild and sweet flavour is ideal for many different things.

Peppermint flavoured E-juice is both strong and light tasting, sweet and fresh. It is a great accompaniment to many different sweet flavours and the cooling pleasant flavour of the peppermint makes it taste like none other. Peppermint flavoured E-liquids can be found in simple sweet mixes or with dessert flavours such as ice cream. As it is such a distinct flavour, it can blend really well with many different profiles making it a lovely taste. Peppermint flavoured concentrates are great at any level, with the lack of the cooling agent in them, it makes peppermint an ideal concentrate to use when you want that dash of mint. It can be vaped by itself and peppermint flavoured E-liquids are perfect in any vaping set ups, using any vaping set up.

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