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Pie is one of the easiest yet enjoyable food items in the world today.  Almost anything can be made into a pie and besides from that, there are countless versions of the delicious treat.  Whether you mix a savoury meat pie or fill with apples for an after meal, pies have been a very popular way of eating for thousands of years.  Since the first pies were invented, there have been many different types of pies from short crust to flaky, all different to compliment the filling inside.  They can be eaten hot or cold with condiments such as gravy or custard making a lovely meal or dessert.  There are even towns in England famous for their pies; such is the popularity of the pastry baked meal.  

Pie flavoured E-juices are packed full of flavour and give a great balance between sweet and savoury tones.  You get a lovely heavy pastry base with notes of fruit on the exhale that really makes the contrasting flavours blend beautifully.  Pie flavoured E-liquids are great when mixed with custards and creams to give an overall dessert profile that takes a plain pie and turns it into a whole dessert vape.  Pie flavoured concentrates are a great starting point for any sweet flavour you wish to make and can be mixed both light and strong depending on how prominent you want the savoury taste to be.  There is plenty of experimentation to be had here with pretty much all fruits ideal when mixed with pie.  Pie flavoured E-liquids are great in any set up but higher wattages will make most use of a series of different flavours when built in a complex recipe. 

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