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Pineapple is the epitome of what a tropical fruit should be from its unique look to its distinct flavour and aroma from the fruit.  Grown originally in South America and the Caribbean, the pineapple represents more than just a fruit.  Throughout the centuries, it has been seen as a status symbol, a sign of wealth to even own a pineapple making this fruit just that little bit more special.  Pineapple comes in a large round shaped shell with yellow fruity flesh.  Pineapple has a variety of different uses, from juice to eaten raw, used in meals or controversially added to pizza.  The pineapple is the symbol of a holiday, cocktails and sunnier climates and it has become iconic even after its rich past.  

Pineapple flavoured E-juices are strong and distinct, sweet and tart, it tastes like not much else out there.  It is great by itself or lovely in a tropical mix, the very bold flavour can stand out in any type of flavour.  Pineapple flavoured E-liquid has a natural sweetness to it which can be great when mixed with more bitter fruits and if you want to get creative, why not try mixing it with a cream or pie style flavour for something extra special.  Pineapple flavoured concentrate is simple yet easy to use.  It can be strong without being overwhelming so if you are a fan, feel free to use a strong mix without it affecting your coils.  


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