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Pink Lemonade is the lesser known version of the famous carbonated drink but there are plenty of fans out there.  Made back in the early 1900s, pink lemonade is a very clever twist on the standard lemonade formula.  Using fruit juices from pomegranate, strawberry or raspberry, it gives the flavour a unique touch and the pink colour it is known for.  Pink lemonade can even be traced back to the 1800s with the earliest mention being during the circus in the 1850’s.  A very much western popular drink, pink lemonade may not have the presence that its brother has but for fans it can be an enjoyable beverage.  

Pink lemonade flavoured E-juices are bold and distinct with different elements of flavour based on brand.  The Pink lemonade flavours are bold in citrus with offset red berry notes complimenting the profile.  Pink lemonade flavoured E-liquid are light and refreshing with some adding a chill or fizz effect to the flavour.  Pink lemonade flavoured concentrates are ideal as stand alone flavours rather than part of another recipe.  They are great in any vaping set up with the hints of fruit found in higher wattages, with lower MTL offering a strong overall flavour. 


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