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Pistachio is rather a different type of flavour compared to other nuts in the fact that its flavour is rather unique. The pistachio is a small nut, from the cashew family that has been cultivated for hundreds of years. The nut is often roasted and salted in food use, with the nut sold in its shell rather than separated. Inside the nut can be green or cream based on its ripeness ahead of its picking. Although mostly enjoyed by itself, pistachio has become quite popular in other uses in recent times, from ice cream, biscuits, chocolate and even puddings. Despite its small stature, pistachios have long since become one of the more popular nuts in the world today, almost taking over some of the more well known ones.

Pistachio flavoured E-juices are a lovely blend of different flavours and notes all complimenting each other in a wild mix. Pistachio as a flavour is quite rich and savoury so it is often accompyned by sweet flavours giving this type of flavour a wonderfully exciting experience. Pistachio flavoured E-liquid has more of a nutty roasted taste but when combined with flavours such as ice cream or chocolate/coffee style flavours it can really shine through. Pistachio flavoured concentrates are great to use in almost any sweet based recipe if you want to offset the flavour with some sharp nutty notes. By itself is can be a little dry so it is best used when mixed with sweet or creamy flavours to give the overall body a nice smooth vape. Pistachio flavoured E-liquids are great in any vaping set up however at higher wattages, you are more likely to get the specific notes shining through.


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