Plum is part of the dark fruit family and its makeup is more akin to some of the lighter fruits out there. Plums are deep purple In colour with a weak skin and a extremely fleshy fruit inside. The plum is both a sweet and tart experience with a stone inside that is not edible. They are extremely juicy due to the fact their make up is 85% water making them a messy yet enjoyable treat. Plums have a wide range of use besides eaten raw, they are picked or made into a jam and they are part of some east Asian culinary dishes. The sweet flavour is used as a sauce in many cantonese dishes which is where it remains most prominent.

Plum flavoured E-juices are very deep in flavour and bring a high sweet level counter balanced by a tart undertone. They are fantastic when mixed with other sweet fruits although cannot balance a very tart flavour when mixed with passion fruit or lemon for example. Plum flavoured E-liquids are often found part of a mix with other similar balanced fruits and as such never really pop out in flavour. They can be similar to peaches in a lighter yet sweet flavour so mixing with plum is recommended. Plum flavoured concentrates can be a great addition in the right fruit mixes but as a stand alone may see that tartness throw the sweet level off a little bit, making the experience a little unpleasant. Plum is great in any vaping set up with higher wattage vapes really recommended for getting the individual flavours that form a plum flavour to pop.

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