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Pomegranates are quite the unusual fruit in that their make up is not of a fleshy fruit but that of seeds. Native to northern Asia and spread around the world since the 1700s, the pomegranate is a fruit more accustomed to what it can be used for rather than as a snack. Its flavour is extremely tart with an underlying sweet flavour to it and the fruit itself is a jelly like substance of seeds underneath a hard shell. Pomegranate is a fruit that is used widely around the world from alcohol to food, jams to meal garnishes. Its flavour is compared to an uncooked cranberry but depending on its ripeness, can taste more like a cherry.

Pomegranate flavoured E-juices are extremely tart in flavour and as a stand alone can be rather unpleasant. Pomegranate is best used as an accompaniment to a very sweet flavour to counter balance it or simply for adding a rich tart undertone to a mix. Pomegranate flavoured E-liquids are great when mixed with other tropical or exotic style fruits giving the flavour a rich blend of different notes to pick up on. Pomegranate flavoured concentrates are quite strong in flavour so only a little will do to give you the experience you are after, otherwise the tartness may be a little too unbearable. The flavour is great in any vaping set up as it is not overly sweet, so when added to a fruit mix you will enjoy it at any power level.


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