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Raspberry is a wonderfully different berry that almost brings a rather unique flavour when it comes to use in many different ways. The raspberry is a small pink/red berry that can be found all over the world and its popularity has only grown over the years. Raspberry is a very robust fruit and it can be found in many different uses within the food industry. They can be eaten raw with their naturally sweet flavour making them a delight or can be used for other sweet flavours. Raspberry can be found in ice creams, jams and pies as well as chocolate and more. Their soft sweet flavour makes the raspberry ideal for all sorts of different uses, making this a real fruit powerhouse.

Raspberry flavoured E-juices are sweet and pleasant, both light and yet flavourful. Raspberry makes a wonderful flavour when it comes to vaping with its rather unique flavour bending well with others along being a great stand alone flavour. Raspberry flavoured E-liquids are sweet but very enjoyable however it is used, with many mixes using raspberry prominently within a mix of other sweet flavours. Raspberry flavoured concentrates are wonderful in almost any situation, whether you mix it with an ice cream, pastry or simply combine it with other sweet fruits such as strawberry. It ios a very versatile flavour and it is great in any vaping set up, with the strong yet tasty flavour shing through at any wattage.


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