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Rhubarb is a very odd edible food as it is widely thought of as a fruit yet its classed as a vegetable. Grown in the ground rather than on a tree or bush, it is used mainly within desserts almost like it really was a fruit. Its tones and flavour is that of a very bitter and tart and almost unpleasant on its own accord yet it is quite popular in crumbles and pies. Rhubarb is cooked with sugar to remove the bitter taste and create a flavour that is like no other with its natural earthy and raw textures. You can find Rhubarb in its most popular form used as a filling for pies and crumbles, combined with custard and creams. Rhubarb has since expanded its range with sweets and juices utilising its rather unique flavour when mixed with sweetener to really pack a bit of a punch.

Rhubarb flavoured E-juices are quite different to many others out there in the fact they offer both sweet and tart notes giving them a complex profile. Rhubarb is often found mixed with custard but by itself it can be a lovely addition to many fruit mixes. Rhubarb flavoured E-liquids are wonderful when mixed with pastries or crumbles, creams and similar dessert flavours. The unique tart undertones can really offer something different to what you normally expect. Rhubarb flavoured concentrates can be quite tart by themselves so it is always advised to mix with sweeter flavours or simply mix with its own sweetener as its own stand alone flavour. Rhubarb flavours are great in any set up and the differing tones will shine through at any power level.


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