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Sherbet is a popular sweet treat that is enjoyed by many around the world today from young and old. It is a sugar based treat in powdered form with added flavourings and an edible acid base. Sherbet has actually had two uses over the decades, with countries such as turkey using a sherbert based compound to give drinks a fizz before carbonated soda was invented. In the modern day however it is found solely in the sweet aisle with plenty of other uses elsewhere including alcohol, ice cream and even in desserts. The flavours are usually fruit based for sherbert with can be simple or mixed and the sweet is very basic in make up. The sour taste may not be for everyone though making this a little polarising for kids.

Sherbet flavoured E-juices are light and fruity with a little touch of added fizz. The flavour is very sweet but the bitter undertone balances it out into an experience that makes it rather unique. Sherbet flavoured E-liquids are very much sweet style without any real added body, they can be a lovely sweet thorough vape but they won’t be complex in profile. Sherbert flavoured concentrates can be a lovely one shot style flavour as the fruity notes balanced with the tart aftertaste makes it a very enjoyable experience. It can double up as a fizz maker in E-liquids as well, a small amount much like a champagne style can give the illusion of fizz in your mix, making it a great sweet addition to drink style flavours.


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