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Slush is the wonderful summer time treat that is enjoyed all over the world with many different flavours available. Slush is a simple beverage, combining crushed ice with a flavour syrup and slushed together to give it a thorough blend. There are plenty of popular flavours out there from strawberry, blue raspberry, lime, vimto and even orange. Slushes combine a watery slush with a very sweet flavour that can be both refreshing and cooling on a warm day. You can even get speciality versions of the drink in some places such as cinemas, taking the basic slush idea and amplifying it beyond a simple iced drink. Popular with both young and old, slushes are a sign of the summer and nothing much else beats it for refreshment.

Slush flavoured E-juices are cold and sweet, mixing the ice cold elements of the real thing and combining them with both fruits and sweets. They are light in flavour profile but full of flavour, slush flavours are among some of the most popular in vaping. Slush flavoured E-liquids can be packed with strawberry or lime, blue raspberry or grape. There is plenty of creativity allowed when it comes to a slush flavour so you are only limited to what your imagination of that perfect slush vape would be. Slush flavoured concentrates are pretty much one shot flavours, they don’t blend with any other so you can shake and vape almost with these ones. They provide a lovely slush flavour straight away and the cooling element is refreshing. They are great in any set up so you can enjoy a slush at both MTL and sub ohm vaping levels.


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