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Vanilla is a wonderful flavour that can be found in many different places and is the staple for many different products. Vanilla is a spice that comes from the pods of the vanilla plant and although its existence, it was introduced into the west in the 1500s. Vanilla is a very unique flavour and its many uses make it a very versatile product. Vanilla remains the most popular flavour of ice cream and it has seen popularity in beverages, other food items and even cosmetics. Vanilla is famous for both its flavour and aroma, for uses in baking, cooking and more. Vanilla probably remains one of the most familiar flavours in the world today, still a highly sought after flavour for anything.

Vanilla flavoured E-juices are wonderful blends of light and sweet flavours, usually on a creamy or savoury body. They utilise the warm smooth flavour of vanilla and blend it wonderfully with others to create really interesting profiles. Vanilla flavoured E-liquids can be dessert with hints of vanilla or creamy and loaded into ice cream for a really authentic taste. It can blend well with fruits and even within tobaccos. The sheer potential of this flavour is only limited to your imagination. Vanilla flavoured concentrates are wonderful to use in any recipe you plan to make and a little dash of vanilla can breathe a new life into your E-liquid. Vanilla is great in any set up as both a stand-alone and as part of a mix and it can enjoyed by any set up, with higher wattages required to make the most out of the deft touch a lot of vanilla flavoured E-liquids have.

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