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Drip Hacks - Cheap e liquid UK Shop

Watermelon is one of the most unique fruits out there, in both looks and flavour. The big green fruit dwarves any other fruit in the world for its sheer size and its dark green skin combined with red soft fruit inside has made it a wonderful treat eaten everywhere. The watermelon originates from West Africa but can be found everywhere now, including square if you visit Japan. It is a sweet flavour full of juice as it is 90% water and it has long since become a very popular snack any time of the day. Watermelon has also become an iconic flavour/aroma with many sweets using the distinct flavour and many beauty products carrying a watermelon scent.

Watermelon flavoured E-juices are fruity and dry, with the watermelon experience perfectly recreated. They are either wonderful flavours by themselves or they blend together wonderfully with other fruits, or other melon flavours themselves. Watermelon flavoured E-liquids are strong in taste and balance the sweet flavour with a slightly dull aftertaste to give you a flavour that is just like the real thing in your tank. Watermelon flavoured concentrates are great to use as a stand-alone flavour when mixing and if you want a more candy esq experience you can add a little sweetener. Alternatively it makes a wonderful addition to many different fruit mixes across many different profile types. These flavoured E-liquids are great in any set up and you can enjoy them both as a MTL vaper and a sub ohm vaper.


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