One question many long term smokers ask themselves is why quit?  On a daily basis there are people quitting smoking and moving to vaping which is exponentially growing year on year.  However there may be someone you know who chooses to keep smoking, for a multitude of reasons.  Perhaps they are fine health wise, see no problem in continuing to smoke.  Perhaps they feel they are too old to quit now, decades worth of smoking may leave them with no notion of wanting to switch.  Perhaps the fear mongering in the media has put them off, they don’t want something that is even worse for them.  So with all that in mind, what we at Drip Hacks want to do is take a look at the why quit?  Maybe it is for you, maybe it is for someone you know, take a read through today and let us tell you , why quit smoking.

How to quit

One of the biggest barriers in quitting smoking is how to quit.  If you have been smoking for a long time, knowing how hard it is to give up, perhaps from past experience is going to govern your mind set on making the switch to vaping.  So to understand why you should make the switch today, we need to break down what vaping actually is at heart.  E-Cigarettes are designed to be a much safer alternative to smoking, removing thousands of chemicals from each inhale and remove any carcinogenic properties from your addiction.  After all, we were all addicted to cigarettes at some time or another, so E-Cigarettes look to bridge that gap for you.  With only 4 ingredients, vaping heats up the body that holds the nicotine instead of burning, leaving you with a way to inhale nicotine with a method at least 95% safer than smoking.  It allows you to make the switch almost instantly, being able to swap one for another but without the nasty stuff left behind.  What vaping allows you to do is switch from one nicotine source to another, So no nasty chemicals, no carcinogen, no cancer causing ingredients, just three components: Vegetable Glycerine, Propylene Glycol, and Nicotine with added flavours.

So the easiest thing to do to quit is to pick up a smaller style device with high nicotine content which allows you to replicate smoking in both style and nicotine delivery.  You can read more about it in our guide to vaping.  The most important thing to remember when asking how to quit, is simply that you can directly change over without any cravings if you focus on high nicotine strength E-Liquid, or nicotine salt based liquids.  Simply put, change one thing to another with the added benefit of cutting out over 6000 chemicals and ingredients.


Isn’t vaping dangerous?

The next barrier you may have is the question of whether vaping is dangerous.  You may have read the media stories, you may have heard about word of mouth issues with vaping and decided it isn’t; worth the risk.  Perhaps you are concerned about batteries exploding? Read between the lines: 75% of vaping batteries exploding revolve around loose batteries connecting with keys/coins/metal in pockets. The same as an AA battery out of your remote would do if treated the same way. The other 25% you read about are people using things far too advanced for their knowledge or skills and something going wrong. What you don’t read is that the one explosion from someone misusing whatever went wrong is offset by millions of people using them on a daily basis.

The truth is, vaping is no more dangerous than anything else you can possibly do, from walking down the street to owning a TV.  With proper normal care, vaping is as safe as anything else with devices designed to increase the safety features to protect you.  By only using devices you comfortably are knowledgeable in, something easy to start you off, you can be assured that the company have made many strides to keep you safe and normal use of the device is not going to be dangerous to you.  If you want to be doubly sure, then you can revert to our Drip Hacks battery safety guide for more information on how to protect your batteries.  However rest assured, vaping is no more dangerous than anything else, no reason to be scared.

Too old to quit

Another common thought process: perhaps you have smoked since you were a teenager, and the grey hair on your head suggests you are too far gone? Again, completely untrue, as another research paper has concluded. The second BIGGEST rise in vaping has come from the 50-59 year age group in recent times, otherwise known as ‘Grey Vapers’. It shows that more and more people are making the switch before it is too late, leaving vaping not just exclusive for the young.  These aren’t people switching to sell you a product, these are people like you and me, regular smokers who have decided to make the switch for the good of their health.  Recently in the news it was reported that long term smokers see a significant cardio vascular improvement after only 1 month.  So if nothing else, even at an older age, you can make positive improvements to your health if you make the switch to vaping.


Too Complicated

Perhaps the barrier you have to making the switch is seeing vaping as too complicated over simply lighting up a cigarette.  When you see the big devices blowing loads of vapour out, it can be easy to think of vaping in such a way.  However vaping can be as simple as you want it to be, all the way down to automatic vaping.  The bigger the device, the more complicated the set up may well be, that can be a fair point when you first want to stop smoking.  That is where simple devices come into play, from closed to open pod systems.  Closed pod systems are ones that you simply plug the cartridge in and vape away.  You will have seen them in your local supermarket or corner shop and for the purpose of simply quitting altogether, they can serve you right.  If you want something quality, an open pod system is where you need to be looking for your first device.  The difference between the two is that you fill up an open pod system rather than buy the cartridges, but cost wise and quality wise they are so much better.  So vaping doesn’t have to be complicated, it can be as easy as filling a pod and vaping away, no buttons, no big tanks and no maintenance, other than the minimum required.

Further advice

If you are looking for more information then look no further than drip hacks.  We are here to provide the utmost quality of customer service and that includes anything you may want to know.  Perhaps you are unsure about what a term means, or what a particular product means.  Check out our excellent article section and you will be sure to find a helpful piece to tell you all you need to know.  We have guides for what is vaping, what are E liquids, how to make your own E Liquids and many more.  Here at Driphacks, we are here to help YOU in your vaping journey and we hope that you quit smoking with us.